Jerk Chicken BBQ Party

BYOV & Jerk Chicken BBQ: Friday 26th September 2014

Bring your own Vinyl & Jerk Chicken BBQ Party
Friday 26th September 2014
9pm (free entry)

The Bring your own Vinyl & Jerk Chicken BBQ Party takes place the last Friday of every month.

Are you a music enthusiast that wants to share your love of music with others? Come along with a few of your favourite records and hear them pumped through the pub speakers. All styles of music are welcome, just one rule: Vinyl Only!

If you haven’t got any vinyl please come and listen to some great music and enjoy the Jerk Chicken BBQ party!

The New Jazzmags

The New Jazzmags – Saturday 20th September 2014

The New Jazzmags
Saturday 20th September 2014
8pm (free entry)


The New Jazzmags are a London based jazz sextet specialising in recreating the classic ‘Blue Note’ jazz sound of the 1960′s. They aim to reacquaint older jazz aficionados with, and introduce a younger audience to, the fantastic music of this era.

Please Click Here for more information on The Jazzmags in our new Bands section.

Voodoo Binmen

Hello Autumn – Saturday 13th September 2014

Voodoo Binmen – Lazy Jack and the Mandem
Vinyl DJ Set – Jerk Chicken Barbecue
Saturday 13th September 2014
8pm (free entry)

Hello Autumn will take place at the Ladywell Tavern on Saturday 13th September 2014. Headlining the night are the amazing VOODOO BINMEN and LAZY JACK AND THE MANDEM!!

This will be followed by a Vinyl DJ Set playing until late, and please feel free to bring your own vinyls!

There will also be a Jerk Chicken Barbecue from 10pm onwards.

This fantastic event starts at 8pm, with the first band going on at 9pm.

This event will also be dedicated to Will Reed, Julia Schouten, Federico Candalari and Andrew Rice who will be leaving us soon, and to Jack and Martin Adams who will be celebrating their birthdays on the night. Enjoy.

Rado Klose and Mick Kemp

Mick Kemp and Rado Klose – Saturday 6th September 2014

Mick Kemp and Simon Godfrey
Plus special guest Rado Klose
Saturday 6th September 2014
9pm (free entry)

For one night only, please join Mick Kemp and Simon Godfrey with special guest Rado Klose for a little light blues at the Ladywell Tavern.

Rado Klose is an English musician and photographer. Between 1964 and July 1965, he was the lead guitarist of a rock band that would later morph into Pink Floyd.

The featured image above is of Mick Kemp with his old friend, the great Rado Klose, in earlier, hairier days!

Strange Brew

Strange Brew & DJ Honza – Saturday 30th August 2014

Strange Brew & DJ Honza
Saturday 30th August 2014
9pm (free entry)

Rock Covers with Originals

Strange Brew is a highly entertaining 4-piece rock/blues band based in London. They play a wide variety of popular covers including Beatles, Stones, Kinks, Cream, Bowie, Doors, etc as well as their own original songs.

The current line-up got together in 2013 and consists of Rob Dugdale: Lead Vocals, Guitar. Steve Phillips: Bass, Vocals. Brian Gee: Drums, Vocals. Mike Shilling: Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals.

Playing on the night is also the banging DJ Honza!

Live music, great food and art